Flanders Collection Cars

16 & 17 February 2019 | Flanders Expo Ghent

Classic cars and and plenty more beside…

Wide and varied selection

An extensive range of old-timers, restoration companies, tools, literature, miniatures and automobilia.

International offer

Exhibitors from all over Europe will be present. Numerous clubs are represented which you can go to with all your questions.

Visit Ghent

You can enjoy a drink and snack or combine your visit with a trip to Ghent.


In 2019 different clubs will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Citroën. They will present several iconic cars like the 2CV, the Ds, the Traction avant and many more. There will also some rare iconic cars on show like the Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada a gran tourismo automobile produced by Bizzarrini in 1960s. The Strada was powered by a Chevrolet engine displacing 5358 cc and producing 365 hp (272 kW). A total of 133 examples were produced from 1965 through 1968. Or a Fiat Giannini, a unique model built on a chassis of the Fiat Topolino 500. The originla motor was a Giannini G1 displacing 750 cc. In 1948 the car particpated in the Mille Miglia with the team Ceccoli / Segafredo.

Flanders Expo Gent

Maaltekouter 1, 9051 Gent, Belgium

Flanders Expo

Maaltekouter 1

9051 Gent, België


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