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Regulations Brussels Collection Car 2009

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Subject: International exhibition, exchange mart and sales show on vehicles, their parts and retro-objects: juke-boxes, enamel plates, etc..., all going back to the days before 1975. Stands with miniatures, books and old catalogues, treating about the subject are also allowed. Special collectible vehicles made after 1975 are allowed subject to the organiser's consent.

Location: Hall 1 in Brussels Kart Expo, Alfons Gossetlaan, 11 1702 Groot Bijgaarden

Dates and opening hours: 17 & 18 October 2009 from 9.30 am until 6.30 pm

Stand allocation: The exhibitors are not allowed to let out the surface area that they have been awarded, to any third parties

Contribution to the costs: The exhibitor buys 4 entrance tickets with his registration for the total amount of 25 €, excl 6% VAT. A stand on a corner is a stand of which the front and one side are accessible to the public. A stand against a wall means that the rear of the stand is against a wall. All carpet, purchased by the exhibitor, is his property and can be taken with him after the fair.
Dimensions are expressed in width (front) x depth, in this order. Exept for entrance cards, the VAT amounts to 21 %.
  • Car stand in the hall 2.75m x 5.5m 60 €, excl. VAT
  • Car stand on a corner + 15 €, excl. VAT
  • Multi purpose stand in second hall, depth 2,5 meter 20 €, excl. VAT
  • Stand for spare parts or old materials in third hall, min. length is 4m, price per running meter 10 €, excl. VAT
  • The multi purpose stand on a corner + 15 €, excl. VAT
  • The multi purpose stand against a wall + 20%
  • Table 1.8m x 0.7m 7 €, excl. VAT
  • Supplementary entrance tickets 7 €, excl. VAT
  • Electricity 3,000 Watt 60 €, excl. VAT
  • Commercial stand 25 €/m2, excl. VAT

Exhibitors who are selling other products or services than described in the subject, have a commercial stand.

Electricity: Every exhibitor is responsible for the electrical installation of his stand. The installation has to be conform to the Belgian legislation. The connection to the net can be 15 meters away from the stand. Be equipped with an extension cable. Every connection has to be ordered and paid before 29 August 2008.

Entrance Tickets: Every exhibitor buys with his registration 4 entrance tickets for the total amount of 25 €, excl 6 % VAT. Supplementary tickets can be bought at 7 €, excl 6 % VAT. One entrance ticket is valid for one day only.

Terms of payment: After enrolment, the participants will receive a letter of acknowledgement. The total is to be paid within the next 10 days. For international payments, the IBAN code is BE71 4216 0749 0269 and the BIC code KREDBEBB

Supply and removal: The cars and/or stands are to be supplied on Friday 16 October from 10.00AM until 10.00PM. They are to be removed on Sunday 18 October from 6.30PM until 11.00PM. We have to remove all the materials & cars which are still in the Halls after 11.00PM on the expense and risks of the owner. However, if notified in advance, vehicles may be moved to the Hall 1 until Monday noon - 1 October 2006.

Waste: Only paper and cardboard waste can be left on the stand. Under no circumstances is the exhibitor allowed to leave other waste like f.e. old spares, glass, etc .... in the halls or on the car park. Exhibitors not observing this regulation will be charged for the removal costs. The floor has to be in a condition that it can be cleaned simply by mechanical sweeping. All other necessary actions needed to clean the floor (and adjacent walls), like f.e. removal of carpet-tape, remainders of glue, oil, etc � will be cleaned at the exhibitor's expense.

Stand security: By providing stand space, the organiser has fulfilled all his obligations towards the exhibitors. The organisers bear no risk whatsoever with expects to any damages, fire and/or theft. Each participant is responsible for the equipment on his stand, both during and beyond the visiting hours. Each participant is obliged to disconnect the battery/batteries of his vehicle(s) and to have a fire extinguisher at the stand. Furthermore, the exhibitors are not authorised to start any vehicles during the exhibition. An insurance for fire can be effected. Please contact the organisation for this matter.

Particular arrangements: If the organiser deems it would turn out to be impossible for the entire event, or part thereof, to take place, the participants-exhibitors will not be entitled to any compensation, damages or loss of profit whatsoever. In addition, the organiser reserves the right to disqualify any exhibitors -even after being entered and having paid the deposit and/or stallage- refusing to comply with the instructions given by the organiser or the qualified personnel. A raise of 30% of the costs caused by exhibitors not following these regulations (like e.g. removal, cleaning, etc� ) is applicable.

Disputes: By taking part in the show or the fair, the exhibitor acknowledges that he agrees to the rules and regulations. Only the courts of Brugge are competent, and are entitled to settle any differences whatsoever, undiminished the right of the organiser to prosecute the exhibitor at his residence.

Swap Meet

The swapmeet is outdoor in front of the hall. Participators of the swap meet are not considered as exhibitors but as visitors who want to sell their vehicle on the fair as an occasional opportunity. They pay their entrance like any other visitor together with a supplementary fee for the stand of their car. We make no individual invoices. The discounts given to exhibitors who participate in successive fairs are not applicable to the swap meet.

The total price, including entries, car stand and vat, are for one day 20 euro.

The participating vehicles have to be 25 years or older. Other collectible & special vehicles are allowed if permitted by the organiser in advance.

The vehicles are placed in the order of their arrival.

Info & correspondence: Fun Cars bvba, Wijnegemsteenweg 138, 2970 Schilde, Belgium, Tel: ++32 (0) 477/67.30.03, email:

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